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2012 Research

CX Needs More HR Focus on Employee Engagement
September 2012


    • Employee engagement is a critical component of customer experience (CX). But how effectively are human resource (HR) departments supporting these efforts? To help answer this question, we surveyed 302 HR professionals from large companies. Most HR professionals understand the importance of creating a customer-centric culture, but only 15% of them are significantly helping in those efforts and only 12% of HR orgs earned good or very good scores on Temkin Group’s assessment of HR support for CX. When we compared companies that are delivering outstanding customer experience compared to the rest of their industry, we found that that these CX Leaders have much stronger business results, higher levels of employee engagement, and much stronger support for CX and employee engagement from their HR organizations.

      The report is based on groundbreaking research that examines customer experience and employee engagement from the perspective of human resources (HR) professionals. It documents the priorities of HR professionals within large organizations and identifies how customer experience and employee engagement fit within their efforts. We believe that this research provides a wonderful platform for discussions between customer experience and HR professionals.


      The report contains 21 figures with rich data to help understand HR priorities and constraints. It also contains a self-assessment tool for HR organizations to gauge how effectively they are supporting the company’s CX efforts and data to benchmark results against the 302 respondents who also completed our assessment.


      The report also compares responses between HR professionals in companies that are outpacing their competitors in customer experience (“CX Leaders”) and other firms. Here are some highlights from that analysis:

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Client Feedback

We have worked with Bruce & the Temkin Group for a number of years and they continue to be pivotal in our transformational efforts. Their four customer experience competencies were adopted as part of a program rolled out to 10,000 executives and leaders where the feedback has been exceptional. Bruce can connect at all levels of the organization and is always pragmatic, energetic and fun to work with

Gary Fox
Executive Director – Global Customer Experience, Dell